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Cover Letter For Nursing

A properly drafted cover letter can be a beginning of a satisfying career in nursing. And if you are planning to appear for an interview, make sure that you attach a proper cover letter along with your resume. Here is what you can use as a nursing cover letter.

1122 Job Seeker
Sometown, USA 45678
September 26, 2007

D. Career
Manager Human Resources
Dream Company
123 hire me
Jobstreet, USA 123123

Dear Mr. Career

With my experience with General Medical Hospital I have learnt that qualities that are required in nursing profession are innovative, caring, and trustworthy. As you can find in my résumé, these qualities I have possessed and nurtured and also hope to demonstrate as a Registered Nurse with General Medical.

I have completed clinical rotations in Psychiatric-Mental Health, Emergency Room and Intensive Care Units. Each rotation has enabled me to work both independently and interdependently with people and health care team members in a hospital setting. My clinical experiences have provided me with opportunities to assist RNs in administering direct patient care and helping patients perform daily living activities.

I would also mention the staff development programs I participated in while working as a Student Nurse Aide broadened my awareness of current trends and breakthroughs in the field of medicine and nursing.
I am confident that my practical experience and knowledge of nursing procedures will allow me to make immediate contributions to your hospital. I look forward to meeting you soon to discuss how my skills can meet General Medical's needs. I will call you the week of April 15 to arrange an interview.


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